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R Devi D.H.R.C is committed to providing better diabetes and heart care in east India.

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What is diabetes?

Diabetes Insights

The diabetes insights section brings to you all the necessary details that will help you deal with diabetes. This section is available both in Hindi as well as English and we try to develop an understanding of what diabetes is? Checkout the highlight of D.H.R.C Diabetes Insights: Coronavirus and Diabetes.

DHRC India website

DHRC India

World’s first and largest diabetes portal in hindi – initially launched as www.dhrcindia.com. The trial version of this website was launched on 18.06.08 and received tremendous response. The final version was released in Amman, the Jordanian capital, on 28.9.08 and has been viewed worldwide by over 18 lakh visitors.

Unparalleled Diabetes Expertise

Dr N K Singh has been at the forefront of combating diabetes in India. He first started treating diabetes in 2000 and has since impacted thousands of lives. He is actively dealing with both Type 1 and Type 2 cases on a daily basis.


As per an International Diabetes Foundation 2019 report, over 75 million diabetics are in India alone – the second highest total in the world. This number is expected to grow at an alarming rate in the next 25 years. Unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and noise pollution are some of the factors that contribute to diabetes. However, with care and cognizance, diabetes can be prevented and even controlled.


The Diabetes and Heart Research Centre (D.H.R.C) was founded with the vision of preventing diabetes in India over a decade ago and continues to be a cutting edge initiative in the entire east India. The following healthcare facilities are available:


  • Diabetes Care
  • Foot Exam
  • Heart Care
  • Diagnostic Care

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