Diabetes has a lot to do with mental stress.

Mental stress is the most important risk factor for heart diseases nowadays. We should be surrounded by positive thoughts – understanding and adopting such a system will be an important step towards preventing heart trauma.

Our thought stream is not a common event.

What we think, our thoughts stream, our emotion urges, the rising memories of the past and future in the brain, our fantasies are not just momentary ordinary events, but their electro-medical effects on physical functioning are far-reaching.

Our positive and negative thoughts produce various bio-chemicals.

With the help of the highly complex modern instrument Positron tomography scanning, these processes occurring in the brain can be seen and tested. The effect of our mental state on the cells of the body is with the help of some specific chemicals under electro-medical phenomena. Our positive and negative thoughts produce various chemicals. The effects of which vary on the body. Such carrier chemicals are called neuro peptides. They are secreted in the hypothalamus of the brain and reach different parts of the body.

In this way, a specific thought stream that arises in the brain, transmits its wave of influence to fifty sixty billion cells of the body. This way each cell talks to another cell in the body. An anxious, stressful and depressed mind has to secrete some chemicals that cause various diseases in the body. Due to their effect occurs in the blood vessels. Heart rate increases. Blood pressure becomes high.

If there is peace in the mind, good thoughts and the mind is in harmone, then Endorphine is produced from the hypothalamus, due to which the body remains healthy and happy. The importance of such neuro peptides in the sickness and sickness of the body is no longer beyond the understanding of medical science.

Change your negative outlook.

Moments of stress will continue to come in life. Such moments are a challenge. The health of our heart has to depend on our reaction. If the monotonous and cumbersome condition is maintained then the brain produces the wrong chemicals. It is likely that we change our negative style to deal with stress.

Think that a person treats us in a way we don’t like, he abuses, misbehaves. We can react excitedly or smile and think of a solution peacefully. Now the impact of this small thing can be terrible. If you are suffering from angina, your coronary arteries have narrowed from atherosclerosis, the risk factor is present in you in the absence of diabetes, smoking and exercise, then this transient stimulation can cause the body to release so much adrenaline that the blood pressure becomes high , increases the heart rate and due to the chemical process the heart attack and stroke.

Who is responsible for this condition, the person who misbehaved with you and you got excited or your own wrong reaction? If the amount of biochemicals that the negative chemicals produce in the body continues to increase due to repeated repetitive negative reactions in the body, eventually the body’s defensive immune system fails and in addition to heart trauma, peptic ulcer, Rheumatoid Arthritis And there can be diseases like cancer.

Let the mind be relaxed, the mind be filled with good feelings, by this we not only keep ourselves healthy where the cool breeze of love is flowing but these healthy waves also affect the people around us.

An experiment:

Once an experiment was done. Two teams of rabbits were formed. Studied the effect on the coronary arteries of rabbits by giving cholesterol-rich food. Rabbits can suffer from heart attacks just like humans. Both types of rabbits were fed with a kind of food. But one party was pampered, they were cherished and called and the other party was left just like that. They were not done for any sake. At the end of the study, rabbits were killed and their coronary artery examined. The corpse of neglected group of rabbits developed a condition of atherosclerosis causing heart trauma. Such condition was found to be sixty percent less in lovingly maintained rabbits. This experiment was repeated three times and came to the same conclusion.

You can’t fool your body system.

If a man eats food in anger on the food table, it has a very bad effect on digestion. Do not consider such impulses as slight. You cannot fool your body system. The condition of stress has a dangerous effect on the whole function of the heart. What is this stress? This is the specific state of the mind in dealing with a real or imaginary situation.

Humans have been living with stress since time immemorial, but in today’s modern age of competition, there has been no limit to Stress – especially in developing countries. Remembering stress is also essential for the mobility and progress of life. This is a challenge, so it will be good as soon as the situation of stress comes, we sit quietly for a while and think what can be done in this situation. Instead of being engrossed in depression and boiling in anger, let us try to stress that the situation has brought a new opportunity for us and we have to edit our work in a good way.

Mathematics of life is unique.

The Creator has kept us free to do karma, the fruit is in his hand. It happens many times that the more we talk about hard work, the more we do not get the results. Mathematics of life is unique and beyond human intelligence. Understand your limits and avoid disappointment.

To create a good messenger neuropeptide in the body, create a happy and stable mind in your physical life, this will improve the body’s immune power and prevent many diseases besides heart attack. Meditation (pranayama) and yogasana are necessary for peace of mind and to overcome stress. Stress can be tolerated peacefully through the practice of meditation. It is necessary to give a little philosophical dimension to life. In this world, the sun rises with unmatched aura every day, the planetary constellation is moving in its own tune, the stray clouds and the mad winds, the mad mornings and how many moons are all around, for a while to see, hear and understand this poetry of the deity. Try . This will relieve tension and the fountains of happiness will be released from the gap.


If centers are opened to explain the importance of stress management, it will be a meaningful step in the direction of prevention of heart attack. Instead of opening developed hospitals for heart disease, the usefulness of such centers will ultimately be more.