The rate of diabetes in the 70s was only 2.1 percent in urban areas of India, now it has gone up to 12 to 18 percent. By 2025, there will be around 8 crore diabetic patients in India, this number is now 4 crore. According to the new study, about 13.5% in Chennai, 12.5% ​​in Bangalore and 16.6% in Hyderabad are suffering from diabetes. According to a study by Dr. N K Singh in urban areas of Dhanbad, 12% people suffer from diabetes, and only 2% in rural areas. Other studies have also found only 2 to 3 percent of people in rural areas suffer from diabetes.

The weirdest thing:

Dr. V. Mohan in Chennai Urban Population Study (CUPS), in a study of two different income areas of Chennai city, found that the diabetes rate was 12.4 percent among middle-class people while only 6.5 percent among low-income people. In the same study, it was found that among those who did enough physical exercise, diabetes was in 5.6 percent of people, 9.7 percent of those who exercise a little bit and 17 percent of those who did very little exercise. These Indian figures are enough to open our eyes.

Genetic factors have been revealed in the root cause of excess diabetes in Indians. But it is a matter of thinking that in all studies it has been found that when people of the same lineage live in rural environment, diabetes is less, while people start living in urban environment, then diabetes starts to happen suddenly. In cities, there is an obligation not to do manual labor and go for fast food.

People on low incomes are obliged to get relatively less refined food and do manual labor so less diabetes. If we talk about increase of diabete due to genetic factor only, then the rate of diabetes in the rural and urban environment should remain the same, as our genes do not change by moving from village to city.

98 percent of the disease is from our own mistakes

In a lecture in Hyderabad, I had raised the point that genetics accounts for only 2 per cent of type 2 diabetes, 98 per cent of our disease is due to our own mistakes which we today call lifestyle disorder.

Insulin Resistance cause more diabetes in Indian.Cause of this resistance is reduced physical labor , ingestion of refined things in food, more sugar, more calories, consuming unusually dangerous fats, habit of not eating natural fruits and vegetables , Excessive mental stress, increasing obesity and low birth weight due to malnutrition at birth.

False view of the importance of genetic factors

The most important question today is that the false view of the importance of genetic factors should be removed from the public’s eyes and a debate should be started on how to make the public aware of excessive manual labor and balanced and nutritious foods. If we leave this important issue like this, then the health of the young people of the country is going to be badly damaged in the storm of diabetes.

Recently in Jamshedpur, I met a student of my college, Dr Sahai. Seeing overeating in the party, I asked him to take less food to prevent diabetes. He laughed and said who has seen tomorrow. Have to die anyway one day,then ,why not eat and enjoy and die ?

So full of truth, I was shocked and could not give any answer. But I think that there is a lot of difference between these two situations, dying peacefully without diseases and dying with lots of complications by diseases. If we understand this and assimilate, then the diabetes epidemic in India can be stopped.