Which checkup to do when?

This is a guideline based on the American Diabetes Association standards. In practice, all these investigations are rarely conducted by all patient. Blood sugar once a month if it is in near normal range, glycosylated hemoglobin once in three months and complete diabetic profile in a year is sufficient.

Weight – in every visit

See daily – SMBG(Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose by Glucometer) ,if on Insulin.

Urine Check up by Dipstix is now hardly done/May be useful in rural areas.

Blue – Normal
Green – (+)
Yellow – (++)
Red – (+++)
Brick red – (++++)

Once a week: Satisfactory for type 2 Diabetes-
Blood sugar
Before dinner
Before launch
P. P. Sugar

Once in fifteen days:
Serum Fructosamine (Ideally)

Once in three months:
Glycosylated hemoglobin(Hb1Ac)

Once in six months:
Lipid profile
UACR test

Foot Examination
Eye examination (fundoscopy)

Foot Checkup:
1. Monofilament test
2. Biothesiometer test
3. Vascular Doppler
4. AB Index
5. Pedo-scan
6. Heat-Cold Perception Test