The journey of thousands of miles starts with one step!

The main message is:
• Work hard physically.
• Walk.
• Do aerobic exercises.
• Do yoga.
• Play Badminton.
• Regular bicycling
• Do swimming.
• If there is land nearby, then pick up the spade.
• Do not eat so-called modern tamasic food from childhood, such as: Sweets, fast food, chaat, cold drink, chocolate, toffee, canned ingredients.

Diabetic patients who control their disease properly can live for 100 years.

What is U.K.P.D study saying?

Started in 1977
• 5102 patients were included in the study. The conclusion was found 20 years later in 1997:
• If diabetes is kept under control
• Can avoid complications
• Can avoid photocoagulation up to 29%.
• Up to 37% can avoid microvascular side effects.
• Can avoid blindness by up to 24%.
• Can avoid stroke up to 44%.
• Can prevent heart attack by up to 16%.

There is nothing more important than health education in diabetes, with the right information you can keep yourself healthy for years.

After the age of 30 you should also check the blood sugar annually without any symptoms. From today on wards, vow to run briskly.

Diabetes – Some Facts:

Style disorder? With and without genetic predisposition – disease caused by poor lifestyle

Are there differences in diabetes rates in villages, towns and cities?

Is it not a symbol of luxurious urban life:
Urban Area – 15 -22%
Village, countryside – 2 – 8%

Goodbye to inactive life style?

Risk of diabetes:
20% – if someone in the family is diabetic
40% – one parent has illness
70% – one is sick, the other is from a diabetic family.
99% – both parents

Exercise increases the number of insulin receptors, becomes more sensitive.

Bizarre spectacle!
Lazy / indulgent / luxurious life / modernity.

Be careful:

1. Glycosalated hemoglobin test – has emerged as the most important test. This is the best way to know the diagnosis and control of diabetes. If its reading is 7 percent less, then the diabetes control is going well. It is considered necessary to have it done every three months. With the new technology, the test report is available in just 5 minutes.

2. Liraglutide drug has become the new hope GLP – This group medicine is given by daily needling. It not only controls diabetes properly, but also reduces weight gain and improves lipid profiles. However, the popularity of this drug has been questioned due to it being available in the and injectable form and cost.

3. The use of sitagliptin and villagliptin drugs has been found to be suitable for the naturally correct control of diabetes. Gradually the use of these drugs in the world is increasing. But whether or not it will overtake the Glempiride group medicine, it cannot be said now.

Children Must Note – FAST FOOD KILLS FAST

Many people believe that prevention from diabetes has to be done after 40 years. But modern discoveries have shown that if you want to save from this disease, then rescue should start from the school days. In the absence of dietary disturbances and exercise, body imbalance starts at the age of 10 to 15 years.

Nowadays, diabetes is being found in abundance in people of 25 to 40. This terrible face of the epidemic is terrible. This distressed face can be cured. If you want to avoid diabetes / stroke and stroke, then start the rescue from childhood.

What to do?
• Stop eating fast food regularly
• All kinds of so-called cold drinks are dangerous. It has become fashionable to drink cold drinks nowadays. Instead, drink fresh fruit juice.
• Do not consume sweets regularly.
• Do not consume all types of toffy / chocolate regularly.
• Exercise regularly / walk / play / yogasana / meditation as a regular part of life