Preparing questions in advance can help patients have more meaningful discussions with their physicians regarding their conditions. Patients may wish to ask their doctor the following questions about diabetes:

i. Am I at increased risk of developing diabetes? How often should I be screened for this disease?

ii. What signs and symptoms of diabetes should I watch for?

iii. Could my symptoms be due to diabetes? What else could account for my symptoms?

iv. Under what circumstances do I need to perform ketone testing?

v. What should I do when my glucose level is too high or too low or if my ketone level is too high?

vi. How can I tell whether I can treat hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, ketosis or other problems myself, or whether I need medical help?

vii. Will you create a sick-day plan for me?

viii. How much exercise should I get? What kind and how often? Are there any exercises I need to avoid?

ix. What diet should I follow? How should I track my carbs? Can you refer me to a registered dietitian for nutrition counseling?

x. What foot care and skin care should I perform? Do I need to do this every day? How often should I brush and floss?

xi. How often should I have a complete foot exam, eye exam and dental cleaning and exam? Do I need to see any other specialists? How often should I have a glycohemoglobin test and a microalbuminuria test or other test of kidney function?

xii. Do I have or am I at risk of any diabetic complications such as heart, nerve, eye or kidney disease? How can I control or prevent these complications?

xiii. Is it safe for me to have a baby? How might my diabetes affect my pregnancy and my baby? What are the chances my baby will develop diabetes?

xiv. What else do I need to know about diabetes? Will I attend classes or get training from a certified diabetes educator? Can support groups help me? What are other good sources of information about diabetes?

xv. How can I prevent diabetes? What if I have prediabetes, high-normal glucose or a family history of diabetes?

xvi. Should others in my family be tested for diabetes? How can I help my loved ones prevent or control diabetes?