Your life will not be deserted by sugar.

Many new medicines and techniques are going to be a gift for the patients of diabetes in the coming days. These things are updated every year at the conference of the ADA(American Diabetes Association and EASD(European Association for the Study of Diabetes). These institutions are considered to be the most authentic and reliable all over the world. The guideline that we are using in India is set by the ADA ,EASD and RSSDI(Research Society for study of Diabetes in India).

The most important priority of medicine.

Earlier, fasting blood sugar was considered abnormal after 140 mg, but now it is considered to be in diabetes range after 126 mg. The medical concepts which is considered to be the most scientific today, may be considered as a huge balder in the next decade. The biggest example of this is our belief about blood pressure. Until the sixties, high blood pressure was considered good. Once the then US President Roosevelt had no treatment of the upper blood pressure 230. Today, the blood pressure should not be more than 140-90 at any age, this is the most important priority of medicine.

New developments.

Today, high-quality medicines and comfortable methods of insulin injections have become universally available for patients with diabetes.

For asthmatic patients, the way inhalants are very useful. In the same way, after taking an inhaler of insulin after eating, the insulin goes into the lungs and from there it gets absorbed into the blood and does not allow sugar to rise. Glulagon like Peptide (GLP-1RA) and SGLT 2-Inhibitors are cardio-renal protective drugs and now have changed the landscape of diabetes management.

We keep updating new diabetes technologies and concepts

Life will be sweet if you follow rules of diabetes

DPP study, has been successful in preventing diabetes in Indians by walking continuously (40 minutes daily) and eating right food.