Presentation by Dr. S. K. Gupta, MBBS, MD (Med), CFM (France), Senior Consultant Physician, Max Hosp., Delhi.

My Journey at the WHO World Health Assembly #77

Integrating Digital Innovation and Global Health - My Journey at the WHO World Health Assembly #77

Significant milestone

  • From May 27 to June 1, 2024, I returned to the World Health Assembly (WHA) for the second time, following my initial participation in 2023. This event marked another significant milestone in my career.
  • This year also I had the distinct privilege of participating in the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA), an event that marked a significant milestone in my career and provided an unparalleled opportunity to engage with international health leaders. This gathering served as a pivotal platform for shaping global health policies and fostering collective action against the world’s most pressing health challenges.

Journey with a mission

  • My journey began at the Permanent Mission of India Geneva, where I engaged in critical discussions with the Indian Health Secretary Addl CEO of National Health Exchange. These conversations focused on India’s significant advancements in digital health and financial inclusivity. During this session, I raised concerns about the regulatory challenges in telemedicine, which prompted a personal invitation from the Health Secretary for an in-depth discussion at his office—a testament to the inclusive and collaborative spirit of the assembly.
  • Later, I attended an event hosted by Health Innovation Exchange during the WHA#77. This session was dedicated to strategizing on reaching the Global Diabetes Compact Goals, especially within lower-income countries and the Middle East.
  • Here, I was honoured with a position on the jury by the Health Innovation Exchange to select the best health innovations. This jury selected two outstanding innovative ideas that stood out for their potential impact on health systems. Following our selections, the board members of the Health Innovation Exchange conferred upon me the Health Innovation Exchange Special Award for my significant contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic in spreading the knowledge with innovative ideas in COVID management, which reached millions of people.
  • A highlight of my participation was the honour to visit the United Nations alley the main venue of World Health Assembly#77, where I contributed to the “Wall of Hope”. I wrote about the looming threat of antimicrobial resistance, emphasizing its potential to become the next pandemic if not addressed with concerted efforts by all nations. This message underlines the urgency of global collaboration to combat superbugs that threaten human life. I was also invited by Marianne Comparet, Director, The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases to deliberate my views on the topic: Harnessing dengue and other arboviruses in a challenging world: a gateway to international cooperation on global health threats”
Integrating Digital Innovation and Global Health - My Journey at the WHO World Health Assembly #77
  • The series of meetings and discussions culminated in a visit to Oslo, invited by an influential Member of Parliament of Oslo. This meeting expanded my perspective on the international health landscape, emphasizing the vital role of global cooperation in addressing health crises. We discussed as how India can contribute to solve the shortage of heath care staff nurses in Europe.
Integrating Digital Innovation and Global Health - My Journey at the WHO World Health Assembly #77

Leveraging  experience to influence health policies

  • Reflecting on my participation in the WHA from May 28 to June 1, 2024, I am inspired by the collective resolve and the dynamic exchange of innovative solutions. I am deeply committed to leveraging this experience to influence health policies and ensure that our collaborative efforts resonate globally, advancing health security and equity worldwide.
  • I am thrilled to share some photos of these experiences with the audience, hoping they inspire further action and awareness.